We are now offering our one-on-one personal training and group classes as 'Virtual' training sessions. 

Using Zoom, our personal trainers will be right alongside you during your session or class as if you were back in the gym. 

In our classes you will be working out live with one of our experienced trainers.  All exercises will be demonstrated step-by-step and our instructor will  be able to visually assess the class and let you know if you need to modify any of your movements so you can exercise safely with the correct techniques. 

This ensures you are getting the very best out of your fitness class. If you don’t feel comfortable joining in with your camera at first, that’s fine too. 



Fitfam studios is a family run personal training studio run by husband and wife team,  Aaron and Lainey.

Fitfam studios brings a professional safe exercise space for people of all different shapes and sizes and abilities to come and workout without having to worry about anything else.  

Our goal is to help our clients to achieve both their short and long-term health, fitness and lifestyle goals. Our personal trainers are highly qualified and dedicated to motivating, supporting and inspiring people to make the transformations in their lives that up until now may have seemed out of reach.

We will provide the expertise, experience and support network to leave our clients fitter, stronger, healthier and happier and more confident.



Fitfam studios is a superior facility located in the heart of Stratford's International Quarter. 

  Our Studios offer exceptional personalised training programs with elite professional trainers, that achieve outstanding results. Our Personal trainers will mentor and encourage you every step of the way, from keeping on track with your exercise programs, to creating your very own personalised nutrition plan. Our trainers will work hard with you to achieve outstanding results and help you to reach your fitness goals.

Our team will provide encouragement and motivation in a family friendly atmosphere (if you want to bring your partner or child to relax on the sofa with a iPad or do some homework whilst you workout, that fine) and open-door policy makes your experience a challenging but enjoyable one.