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private personal training studio


What we do: ONE-ON-ONE Personal Training, Small Group Personal Training Sessions, and Classes

ONE-ON-ONE Sessions - Personalised programmes are made to maximise the potential of clients, no matter their level of experience. The programmes are divided into phases, where techniques of progressive overload are applied to progress clients through the programme. We carry out regular assessments and body composition tests to ensure clients are on track to meet their goals. This, combined with top nutrition plans, ensures clients' achieve top results. 

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Xtreme 45 classes


Xtreme 45 classes  

Exciting new 45 minute classes for up to 20 participants. Specialist instructors will guide you through a fun but intense session, using a mixture of strength training and functional exercises, in a super motivated class experience.

You will be pushed to your limits, to achieve great results in a short time. Exercises will be adapted depending on each client's strength, fitness and mobility capabilities, so everyone is welcome.

Each session is different and focused on many muscle groups, to avoid muscle imbalances, prevent injury, and to ensure a symmetrical physique. Group sessions are a great way to progress with your health and fitness goals alongside others, supporting and motivating each other along the way.  Come and give it a go :)

Family run Studio


FitFam Studios is a family run personal training studio, which works to help our clients to achieve both their short and long-term health, fitness and lifestyle goals. Our personal trainers are highly qualified and dedicated to motivating, supporting and inspiring people to make the transformations in their lives that up until now may have seemed out of reach. We will provide the expertise, experience and support network to leave our clients fitter, stronger, healthier and happier.

FitFam Studio


With a superior facility, located in the heart of Stratford’s International Quarter, FitFam Studios offers a quality personal training service, with professional world-class trainers, delivering exceptional training programmes that achieve outstanding results.   

Supported by a personalised nutrition plan, and a highly qualified mentor to support you every step of the way, our clients are guided through their journeys to reach their goals.  

Our qualified personal trainers provide encouragement and motivation, and our friendly, family atmosphere and open-door policy makes your experience a challenging but enjoyable one.


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