Fun and challenging 45 minute classes that will push you to your limits and beyond, in an exciting and friendly virtual environment. Our specialist instructors will motivate you through different specialties, including; strength training, funky flow yoga and boxing.

Our 45 minute virtual workouts use functional movements and strength training to push each and every person out of their comfort zones and to achieve great results. Each session is different and focused on specific muscle groups, to avoid muscle imbalances, prevent injury, and ensure a symmetrical physique.

Virtual group sessions are limited to a maximum of 20 clients per session so we can monitor individual techniques and progress each person throughout.

The group sessions are a great way to progress with your health and fitness goals alongside others, supporting and motivating each other along the way. Clients do not have to have their camera on if they don’t want to, but will get more from the class if they do as we can correct techniques and give you a boost when you start to slow down.