Fitfam mUMMas

FitFam studios are now launching FitFam Mumma, to offer custom-made virtual fitness plans to new mums, or to mums with young children and toddlers, from the comfort of their own home.

All our options have mummies in mind, offering a safe and secure environment for mums at home to get fit, tone up and lose that baby weight. We can work around you and your children, let us know what works for you. 

Want the baby in the room when you workout? Bring them along! Need to stop and tend to the baby? No problem.  Kids running around in the background? We take it in our stride.

Personal training and classes taught by Lainey, a mum of 2 who understands how hard it can be to get time to workout or pretty much do anything when at home with young children.

Our classes and fitness packages are especially created for our FitFam Mummas, whether you are a complete newbie to exercise, trying to shift that baby weight, or simply returning to fitness after pregnancy – we have it all covered.


 -Got some yummy mummy friends who want to work out together? Then we can devise a personalised class just for you. 


-Package includes a free consultation with Lainey to discuss with your group your goals for the class, and your current fitness levels that will be incorporated into your class plan.  

-If any mums are restricted due to recovery from birth, just let us know and Lainey can make sure special exercises for those mums are included.   

-Using Zoom, you can all join in together with Lainey who will be instructing you every step of the way and monitoring the class progress.   

-Classes will evolve as your fitness improves, Lainey will increase the pace and exercises as you move forward with your fitness training.   

-Classes will be 30 minutes long.  

-Feel free to have your babies / children in the room with you whilst you work out, so no need to worry about childcare. 

-Great way to catch up with your mummy friends and keep fit at same time.  


- Come join a fun and feisty 30 minute fitness class specially aimed at new mums.

- Lainey’s Mumma Fit classes, take into consideration all fitness levels and ability.

- Modified exercises available for anyone with restrictions due to recovering from birth – just drop FitFam an email prior to your first class. 

- If you need to have babies with you as you work out, no problem, our classes are a relaxed environment for mums.

- For anyone not feeling quite confident yet to be on camera, you can keep your camera off, but we do feel you get more from the class when the camera is on, so Lainey can make sure you are performing the exercise correctly. 

- Meet new mums and make new friends.  


  - A one-to-one personal training package, especially aimed at new mums. 

- The sessions have been designed to be 30mins long - to help fit in to your day with a new baby.

-Your bespoke Mumma Me personal training package includes; 

       - an initial consultation with Lainey to discuss your current fitness level, your goals, any injuries or mobility issues and to discuss any specific needs or requirements.

       - body measurements, so we can chart your progress.

       - your own personalised nutrition plan, including a specialised plan for breastfeeding mums.

      - private personal training sessions (30mins)

- As with all of our FitFam Mumma sessions, please feel free to have your baby in the room with you when you train.