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our team


Our trainers are the backbone of what we do; all highly qualified and very experienced. 

Each trainer has completed thousands of hours of personal trainings sessions with countless transformations and happy clients.

When you have a world class facility equipped with a team of trainers that know how to get the best out of everyone; you have an environment that allows for spectacular results to be achieved. Quite simply, we deliver outstanding results in a time frame you didn’t think was possible.



With over thirteen years personal training experience, Aaron has built an excellent reputation as a personal trainer in London, being voted best Personal Trainer London in 2016 (Gymbox) with an Honours degree in Sports & Exercise Science, Aaron is a British League Athlete, Physiologist, and Level 4 Personal Trainer. Aaron was awarded Sales Person of the Year 2014 in the UK for Fitness First, and in 2004 won Sports Personality of the year for his achievements in Rowing & Athletics. 

Aaron applies his knowledge from years of training and competing as an athlete, with his expertise as a highly qualified PT, to achieve his clients' goals, and attain top results in management, Health & Fitness Management , class studio management, fitness sales management.  When Aaron commits himself to something he always achieves top results.



Lainey is a qualified nutrition consultant, and a highly qualified personal trainer. Coming from a sports background, Lainey has been involved in sport from the age of five competing in gymnastics, swimming and mid-distance running. Lainey achieves outstanding results with her clients, teaching them self-belief, and helping them to achieve a balanced lifestyle that encompasses all dimensions of health and wellness. Through her passion she creates a training environment that not only motivates but also empowers individuals to continually challenge themselves in a fun and rewarding way.

She lives and breathes health and fitness, which shows in her everyday lifestyle, being a perfect role model to her clients and anyone who knows her.



Wayne is a Level 4 Advanced Personal Trainer and Nutritionist. As a teenager, Wayne was selected for the England Rugby squad, and then left school at 16 to sign his first football professional contract with Watford. This led to a fourteen year football career, playing at the highest level in the premier league, with Crystal Palace. When his football career ended due to a knee injury, Wayne inevitably continued his career in the sports field and became a PT. Wayne has the drive and dedication needed to assist and drive his clients towards their goals, with the aim of improving quality of life. Wayne is also a strong believer that the journey does not have to stop once you reach your goal; helping clients set and reach new targets which they would never have thought possible prior to training with him.

Wayne brings fantastic energy and enthusiasm to each session, you will enjoy being pushed to your limits!



 Zora is passionate about Health and Fitness, making her clients' experience a fun and rewarding one. Her training sessions are designed to sculpt clients’ physique using research-proven tactics along with vast knowledge and fun workouts. Zora’s mission is to give her client’s everything they need to have long lasting results. Through her coaching you will be able to  navigate the world of fitness confidently. She will deliver a programme tailored to your unique body, goals and ability, using proper form and technique, to achieve the best version of yourself.


Guillaume Jan

Guillaume‘s philosophy focusses on enhancing the well-being of his clients. He is a strong advocate of empowering his clients with the knowledge, skills, support, guidance and resources to assist and inspire them on their journey to a healthier life.

Guillaume is a sportsman an advanced personal trainer and kettlebell master. He is extremely passionate about sports and fitness and played semi-pro football in Paris for 10 years before moving to the fitness industry, he is now trying to master all kind of stren and conditioning and movement to have complete control of his body. 

Guillaume had serious lower back injury and was told couldn’t train - but he managed to turn that around and now wants to show others that they can achieve and come back from injury to, he is a very strict when it come to good form and technique.

Guillaume’s ultimate goal is to get his clients the best version of themselves but most importantly have fun while reaching their goals.


Ryan Lucey

Ryan is a qualified personal trainer and has a diploma in dance/ musical theatre. He has played sports all his life to a high level and then moved onto dance and soon after perused a fitness career aswell.
Ryan has been working in the industry for around 2 years and in that  time has worked with many people and become an instructor in some of the  top studios.
Ryan can lead you towards any goal you are looking for but will aid in  functionality as a must. Goals Ryan likes to teach is the ability to let  the body move better and feel better all by integrating body weight/  core work into your workouts


Monica Sanchez

Monica wants to teach people how to appreciate and look at their bodies in a positive light and not purely for size, weight, or outward appearance.

she loves what she does, Monica enjoys teaching people how to appreciate their strength and move in the direction of their dreams. 

she includes various techniques including resistance training, core strengthening Calisthenics, and high-intensity interval training (HIIT). she never sticks to one style because it’s important to keep the body guessing, always challenged, and of course for it to be fun. 

monica believes in teaching her clients how to adopt a healthy, realistic lifestyle that they will love and that will become second nature. Working out shouldn’t feel like a chore! Let’s have some fun.