ONE-ON-ONE Sessions - Personalised programs are made to maximise the potential of clients, no matter their level of experience or fitness. The programs we put together are designed for the best results and we deliver our sessions in such a way that clients enjoy their journey through the gym program and achieve some truly amazing results along the way.

Your Virtual one-on-one Package includes; 

Telephone Consultation with your Personal Trainer to discuss your fitness goals so we can set you an achievable plan to work to. 

Your own personalised fitness plan that develops as your fitness increases. A flexible fitness plan, that can be tailored to use items that you already have at home. NO DUMBBELLS? NO PROBLEM! We can work using bottles of water or other household items you have to hand.

We carry out regular assessments and tests to ensure clients are on track to meet their goals. This, combined with top nutrition plans, ensures clients' achieve top results.