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Liam Small


I  have been training with Aaron for coming up to two years, and since  then he has changed the way I look at my physical training, it has  definitely been hard work with lots of  laughs. The changes in my strength and fitness are insane, and way  beyond the limits that I would have gone to having continued to work out  alone. He has not only taught me a great deal about how to train, and  what does and doesn’t work, but he is great at  keeping me motivated, and helping me find a balance between staying  focused and living my best life! His approach to training is very  personal, structured and comes with extensive knowledge and experience.  We worked hard to reach my last goal, and pushed through  the constant desire to eat cake and drink rum, so now to push the  boundary and work towards the next one. 

Fit Fam has a number of amazing trainers, and I have been lucky enough to also train with Lainey, Wayne and Anais! 

Emily Taylor


 I made the decision to find a personal trainer with just over a month until my 21st birthday, with the aim to lose weight. After previous unsuccessful experiences with personal trainers, training with Aaron could not have been more different! Fun, motivating, challenging and educational! Not only did Aaron provide the one on one training sessions, but a range of workout programmes for me to complete on my own and a meal plan to follow. With his plan and encouragement I was able to lose 7-8kg in under a month and reached my goal in time for my birthday. I have continued to train with Aaron and still get pushed to my limits with the fast paced, high energy sessions. I would recommend to everybody, best PT ever! 



I have been training with Lainie for 2 years now and its become my favourite time of the week. She tailors every session to my needs, we have never done the exact same thing twice so it keeps it interesting, and progresses the target weights so much more than I ever would training alone, it’s the best motivation. She also makes every session fun, which means I no longer clock watch the exercise hour and literally cannot believe it goes so quickly. Being a full time working mum its hard to find time to exercise so I want to feel like I’m getting maximum result and impact from the time I do have and a PT is really the only way – I recommend Lainie 10000% - her knowledge is second to none and her attitude, personality and drive make her one of the best in the business.

Uma and Pinnie


We started with FitFam in June 2018 when both my husband and I really liked the sound of the couples training package FitFam offered to help us lose weight and improve our fitness levels. 

Working with Zora as our personal trainer over the past year has boosted our confidence in coming back to the gym and increased our energy levels where she constantly pushes our limits and encourages us to step outside our comfort zones at each session. Zora also provides us with nutritional advice - regularly checking in

On us and our goals. 

We’ve both really enjoyed doing couples training with FitFam where we work out with Zora twice a week and can see improvements in our strength levels as the weeks go by. 

Our sessions are always hard work but always with an element of fun, enjoyment being so important to keep us motivated. 

She is also creative in our sessions making them fun and challenging at the same time so no two sessions are the same!

- Uma and Pinnie Balachandra



"Comfort zones are like extinct animals with Wayne; they are eradicated, and to never return. Unlike the climate change that wiped out the dinosaurs, Wayne actually means well when he is putting you through hell. He is a combination of an evil gym teacher making you do laps at the crack of dawn, and a school guidance counselor who will give you a tissue while you are crying 'this is the end' after the laps. He is truly a big kid at heart, and is passionate about his craft. He is not a PT that is in the industry for the money, but he is here because he wants to make positive changes in each client's life. I am glad I am being trained by Wayne, despite him trying to kill me at ungodly hours of the morning."

- Alexander

Aysha Farrugia


 I have been a client of Aaron's for over two years. 

Aaron has been professional and always gives 100%. His training schedules reflect his vast expertise and knowledge and are never the same. They are adaptable to my circumstances and flexible enough to cater for any issues/injuries that come up. He is very sensitive and understanding of cultural religious practices giving me the confidence to train without compromising my faith. 

I believe without Aaron I would not have continued using the gym. He helped make the gym accessible and approachable and a part of my daily lifestyle. 

Having Aaron as a trainer has made me a much more confident person that has affected all areas of my life. He has given me the skills and knowledge to be successful in my goals. 

If Aaron was to leave the current gym I would go wherever he went as I haven’t found another person that really understands me and my goals or would give the same dedication, attention and care to help me achieve them.

Michelle Sakande


I genuinely embarked on life changing experience when I began working with Aaron. 

He is able to draw an inner strength out of his clients and push you out of your comfort zones to achieve your goals. He works tirelessly with you, through your journey and provides support. He designs eating plans and will check that you’re eating correctly. He holds you accountable. Although he is strict and a pusher, working out with him is extremely fun as he is a genuine, kind person who cares. He’s sociable, chatty and really honest with his clients. His sessions are fun, and are over really quickly because of his nature and spirit. Although you will hate him for that extra 5 burpees he makes you do, you will love him for the results he allows you to achieve. 

I was really lucky to have worked with him and I learnt so much about my own body’s strengths and weaknesses through his knowledge and expertise.



For years I have always switched off when friends, family and colleagues started talking about their latest fitness exploits… it just wasn’t my thing. Every gym I went to (which was a very infrequent occurrence in itself!) I felt uncomfortable and didn’t have confidence, which inevitably led to an unenjoyable experience and a correlation in my mind with exercise and these negative feelings. I’d tried various diets previously but never been able to stick to my goals in the long term.

This all changed when my husband and I joined FitFam Studios. From our first discussions with Lainey and Aaron we were put at ease and I felt the studio was a safe environment. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I now look forward to our sessions with Wayne as the highlight of my day! Wayne brings such a great energy to every workout, and more importantly than anything else, makes it fun! There’s no harm with a bit of friendly competition between you and the husband, especially when the going gets tough!

No session is the same. New exercises have been introduced in every session and the difficulty levels increased as we progress. Wayne is great at pitching the sessions at the right level for us, knowing where and when we can push further. I can safely say we have come a long way since our first session where we left the studio barely able to walk!

We have already seen visible results towards both of our goals in such a short time thanks to Wayne’s training and by sticking to the nutrition plan provided by Lainey (nearly all of the time 😉). Our body fat % and weight are down, our lean weight is up, and the numbers are all going in the right direction! But more importantly, our whole attitude to exercise, diet, health and general wellbeing has completed changed. We are only part of the way through our journey, but as Wayne will say, we have definitely ‘crossed-over’, and made a change for life that wouldn’t have been possible without him and the FitFam family!

Magda Szostek


Aaron is best person trainer I have worked with. A few years ago I was watching him train clients in one gym but I moved and never got round to training with him.  However I found him again and finally decided to ask him for help to bring up my fitness level and to look how I always want to. And all I can say now I’m in best shape in my life! I feel better, look better, It’s all because he helped me find my motivation again. Sessions are always different, full of unique and extremely hard exercises but at the same time are always fun. And that’s the point! Have an experienced PT full of positive energy who makes you push yourself to your limits, he has a friendly personality so you can enjoy every session!

110% recommend

Nicholas guttridge


I’ve been training with Aaron three times a week for the last three years and the best way of explaining his impact on me is to say that I have every intention of keeping up the same routine for as long as he’s prepared to work with me. And this from someone who used to be a pizza munching couch potato. Aaron listens to your goals and works with you, your body and your limitations to get the results you want. Best of all he makes it fun, through a combination of his naturally positive energy and good humour and his ability to constantly mix things up to make each session different and therefore entertaining. Well, as entertaining as an hour of heart-pumping, muscle/flexing, sweat-inducing exercise can be! Over the time I’ve known him he’s helped change my body and my mind in entirely positive ways and now, with Fitfam Studios, he’s put together a team of personal trainers that reflects his own outlook to health and fitness, and who are helping to create a friendly and fun environment in which to workout.



I always thought of myself as being reasonably fit. I did a fair amount of cardio, but never any strength based training and I would pretty much eat whatever I fancied. Training with Wayne has given me (and my wife, we train together) a whole new outlook on what it means to be in shape and the best version of yourself that you can be!

A big issue for me was a lack of confidence using weights and an inability to structure a workout focusing on strength based exercises. It has been a big shift in mindset to have workouts that aren't based predominantly around running, but Wayne has brought routine and structure to my training, and given me the belief to realise that I can actually do a lot more than I ever thought I would be able to!

The sessions with Wayne are always very varied, which keeps us on our toes and makes sure we are being challenged in new ways. Since training with Wayne I've reduced my body fat % from ~18%-13% and reduced my waist size from 33-28 inches.

We've been really lucky to train with Wayne as he is a great personal trainer and also a top guy!

James Sealy


Since working out at FitFam studios I have massively progressed towards my fitness goals with the help of the dedicated trainers. Aaron is very personable and pushes me to my limit in every session and I have to say he is a great trainer and gives motivation and guidance when needed and now training alone just doesn’t compare! Whatever your goals are they will tailor both your diet and training plan to ensure you get the most out of your workouts. The equipment is all brand new and the studio is an awesome space to spend time working out and even though I’ve been going since it has opened I still look forward to every session regardless of the fact that I look like a ball of sweat at the end. If you want knowledgeable, friendly trainers that look out for your personal goals and push you to reach them, then FitFam Studios is the place to go.



I wasn’t a physically active  youth would be correct. Well actually, I NEVER partook in P.E at school,  never, not once,  was not interested in the slightest, no amount of threatening and  detentions for not bringing kit, would sway me. I wasn’t competitive,  didn’t like sweating and just weren’t doing it.  My Mum was cool with  that as long as I kept all other grades top notch!
You get into a relationship and your favorite couple  thing to do... eat out! Oh wow these jeans don’t  fit... oh wow running for the train to work almost killed me off,  friends: “oh wow your filling out ain’t ya”... hmmm maybe I should get a  gym membership!

You speak to friends who are having a successful gym experience,  looking buff and ting and they refer you  contact their PT. Luckily I didn’t have to do what most of my mates  did... try out a few different ones before finding that perfect fit! I  was introduced to A’ron now known as ‘Mr Fitfam’ and he quickly became  My PT, My Nutritionalist, My Therapist and My  Friend.

Now I stand here today, training a minimum of 4 times a week, getting  pissed off if for some reason I can’t train, running 6k twice a week,  FOR FUN! Giving the bigger guys a run for their money! Eating the best I  ever have, body fat the lowest it’s ever been.  Abs on DECK, shoulders popping, tits so big imma need a sports bra,  legs pending aha, CONFIDENCE on 100! Feeling the best version of me  ever! Mentally and Physically! And that’s all down to A’ron and the rest  of the Fitfam-ily down at FitFam!!!

This is my testimony. Can you relate? If you can... join the fam.... Ruby

PS: if you think PT’s are expensive guess how much Iv saved not having to pay a therapist 

Sarah Jane Lewis


Over the years I have had many personal trainers some good, some OK but now I can say I have met the best and someone who is top of their game! I met Aaron when I was at my all time lowest. The reason behind me asking for PT sessions was that I had gotten so disgusted with myself and become extremely shy that I was too scared to go into the gym environment on my own let alone know what to do. I have only been training with Aaron for around 5 months but the transformation internally as well as externally has been great albeit there is a long way to go for me. Aaron has created a really testing and confidence-building regime which makes you feel amazing after each and every session. You really feel like you’ve worked and moved your fitness forward. Once you have a goal Aaron will help you towards that in his excellent, friendly and focused personal training. Aaron lives and breathes his trade and all those barriers we all tend to put in our way Aaron has a way of breaking those walls down without it feeling forced. I’ve never said “thank you” to a trainer after each and every session but with Aaron I do. It’s not just training it’s working on everything about yourself and feeling good. After 5 months of training with Aaron I now feel like I could conquer the world and anything is possible. I cannot thank him enough for that and I actually love training now where it used to feel like a chore.

Emma Louise Farquarhson


I approached Aaron for personal training sessions back in October 2016, and since then he has helped me develop my fitness, strength and push me further than I would have ever pushed myself.

I have had previous PTs and the biggest difference between them and Aaron is that you can sense the extensive knowledge he has of the field when he talks to you.

My results, since starting with Aaron have been beyond anything I could have imagined, when I first started with Aaron I told him my upper body was the weakest aspect of my training. He has proven me wrong time and time again with me now being able to deadlift 110kg and chest press 60kg. I never would have even attempted these weights before starting with Aaron, these results (not just physical) is what makes me want to continue training with Aaron.

I can 100% say that I would follow Aaron to his own studio, as I know that I will get the results I aspire for. The working relationship that Aaron has with his clients is one of the main reasons that I value working out with him as he approaches you as a friend but pushes you like a PT, knowing when to push and when to encourage.

Laura Musslewhite


I cannot recommend Aaron Edwards highly enough.  I have worked with many PTsover the years and I do not have a single doubt in my mind that Aaron surpasses them all in terms of his knowledge, the level of support he gives clients and the dedication he shows each and every day to every single aspect of his job.    

Aaron has genuinely changed my life and helped me in my own personal growth.  He has taken me from someone who was terrified to even step foot in the gym and was struggling after years of bad weight loss advice to someone who feels totally at home in the gym, I am running a half marathon soon and I am in the best shape of my life.  I have lost weight and gained muscle mass – not an easy accomplishment, however, one that he has helped me reach and to continue to develop over the past year.   With his expert guidance I have totally smashed every goal I have set myself. He has helped me to overcome terrible anxiety and to realise that I am capable of so much more than I ever dreamed of. 

It is obvious to everyone around him that this isn’t just a job but his vocation.  He deeply cares about his clients, wants them to do the best they can, whilst assessing and pushing them past their perceived limits and that means people feel safe with him and confident that they can and will reach their goals.   

Every session is different and tailored to your goals  – no workout being the same for his client no matter what their end goal is. 

Although Aaron has given me the confidence to be more self-sufficient in the gym I would not want to be without him and would definitely follow him on any new venture he sets up.  I’m genuinely excited to see what we can accomplish in another years time.

Kate Kusha



Main reason I wanted to train with Aaron is his positive attitude, energy and personality. I already have been training hard and I was focused on results I wanted. I started training with Aaron because I knew he will bring my training to completely new level and he never disappointed me. Thanks to Aaron I got new self confidence and belief anything is possible. He changed my attitude from 'I'm not sure can I do it' to being one of the 200 people shortlisted for Ninja Warrior UK. 

I have always recommended Aaron to all my friends as I know whatever anyone what to achieve, he will make it happen.

Carolina Ruiz



Fitfam made a program that I could follow by myself to obtain results without them as well. They know how to motivate you to push through to finish the set and when you really can’t give more.

As someone with almost zero upper body strength, my biggest accomplishment has been to go from not being able to do one single push up, to 10 with barely any effort.

I had to stop training with him for personal reasons but he’d still give me advice when we saw each other. The way he’s invested in his clients as people, and not only as paying customers, is the main reason I’ll go back to train with him as soon as I can.

Veronica John


 I have been training with Aaron since 30 August 2016. I began my journey initially instructing him of my problem areas (stomach and thighs), my overall quest to lose weight as well as my fear of the gym. Aaron started by asking me to send him pictures of what I usually eat before providing me with a meal plan and workout plan. This was unlike any personal trainer I have had In the past. I started training at 98kg (83kg today) and I have slowly lost the weight by training with Aaron and adhering to both the food and workout plan. During my workouts with Aaron, he is highly motivating, often forcing me to continue as I tend to give up quite easily. Aaron has a very high level of training techniques which he uses to keep me motivated during our sessions. I have personally been a member of virgin active and fitness first and I have used personal trainers from both gyms. I have not lost any weight with the other personal trainers. I have enjoyed my sessions with Aaron due to the results I am seeing not to mention the sheer quality of his sessions.  

Marie Black


After a several years of training with other people and seeing no results, I began to feel disheartened with the gym. However, after a few months of training with Aaron, my attitude to fitness and diet completely changed. I saw changes in my body I had never seen before. Honestly Aaron’s combination of passion and professionalism is really inspiring and it is clear that he practises what he preaches. I’ve gained so much confidence through this, I am preparing for a fitness model competition in April. Now that this level of training and diet is so much a part of my lifestyle and career, so important to my wellbeing and owing so much of it to Aaron; in the same way that I followed him to Gymbox and the to FitFam studios, I would follow him anywhere. 

Nick Monopoli


Anais has been training me so far for 10 weeks now and in  that time she has transformed my body and the way I think about  exercise.   

Haven’t not trained in 4 months I was  quite worried about getting back into training but Anais made me feel  very comfortable and also gave me confidence in what I could achieve.  

Each week she would push me that bit more and I am very happy with my results.  

I would strongly recommend Anais to anyone that’s starting out to the most advanced gym goer!



I was going to the gym for years, and always thought i was doing OK. Trainers always trying to sell their services  to me (which was annoying considering i probably knew more than them) I thought i would never use one. After speaking to Aaron he basically told me that i could lift alot more than i have been and that im not pushing myself properly, we spoke on many different occasions and  i realised his knowledge of training was far beyond that of the normal trainers... plus he was never trying to sell to me which was weird. Months later I finally decided to go for it and see what he could for me. we set goals which i though were unrealistic then he changed my food, my training and my way of living for the better... anyhow cutting a long story short i trained for 12 weeks 3/4 times per week and totally transformed, i got stronger, Faster, Fitter and i got my BODYFAT down from 24% to 10% which also meant i had ABS for the first time ever. Me and my friends were shocked/amazing by the results. i cannot recommend Aaron and Fitfam Studios TEAM highly enough.  

Maria and Luis


 ‘We’ve been working out with Guillaims  for a  month now and it’s been great.  In this short period we already feel  stronger and healthier.  He is a great trainer.  He has an easy  going nature, is very enthusiastic about his job and pushes us to reach  our goals.  He helps us a lot to do the exercises using the right  technique and he changes the routine every week so that we can work out  and focus on all our body muscles.  If you’re serious about  reaching  your goals, Guillaume will definitely help you get there! Highly  recommended.’   Maria and Luis

Hannah O


Since I started training with Wayne I have developed a confidence in my body that I didn’t have before. I actually feel like I look good in my gym gear! I doubted my strength but with Wayne persistence and patiences ive seen what I can do when I push myself. The laughs and banter throughout the session even tho it’s hard it reminds me that the gym doesn’t have to be daunting and I can enjoy it.  

Thank you for your encouragement and results so far 2019 will be my year. 

- Hannah O



Since starting my three month programme with Anais, from day one she recognised my potential and pushed me. I’ve gone from lifting 55kg to 100kg in the space of 2 months only. Anais has helped me gain strength where I was weak and never lets me give up.   

The encouragement in every session with her has allowed me to become consistent and stay focused which I struggled to do in the past on my own.   

Anais is always considerate that I follow the nutrition plan and train hard which has only given me great results so far and changed how I see and take care of my body.   

Every session is challenging and different. Thanks to the training sessions with Anais, I have also seen a massive change in my energy levels and really looking forward to continue my journey.