1 week unlimited Xtreme 45 sessions This month For only £20 (Trial price)


Xtreme sessions

Xtreme 45 classes  - exciting new 45minute class.

up to 20 participants. we bring in specialist instructors to teach these classes as we want you guys to experience a new super motivated class experience.

It’s a high intensity 45minute gym session using functional movements and strength training to push each and every person out of their comfort zones and to achieve great results in a short time.

Each session is different and focused of many muscle groups, to avoid muscle imbalances, prevent injury, and ensure a symmetrical physique. Group sessions are a great way to progress with your health and fitness goals alongside others, supporting and motivating each other along the way.  

Xtreme Timetable

Xtreme Timetable

Monday - 19:15

Tuesday - 18:30

Wednesday - 12:15 & 18:45

Thursday - 12:15 & 19:00

Friday - 12:15

Saturday - 10:15 

Sunday - 10:15

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